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Mr. Isaac and his wife, Jennifer

Mr. Isaac has been in education 25 years, with schools in Douglas County, England, Denver, and Jeffco. He enjoys hiking, reading, and looking at stars.  You can email him at 

#BetterTogether, "Step by Step" 

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What is the Principal Reading?

For kids:   What if you knew the answer to every question, but couldn't respond?  Out of My Mind tells the moving tale of a girl living with cerbral palsy. I also recommend reading Newbery Medal and Honor Books, you'll be glad you did! 

For Adults: Our professional culture continues to be anchored to many of the principles found in Dare to Lead by Brene Brown and other leadership texts. 



A Bright Future? From the Desk of Mr. I

January often brings discussion about “next year.” Yes, as principal I am already deep into planning for 2022-23.  You might not know that “future thinking” is a big part of my practice with children as well. You might hear me call your child “Doctor,” or “Governor” and ask about being a business owner, an artist, or an astronaut. A 4th grader told her friends, “Mr. Isaac does that so we know we have a bright future ahead of us.” Future thinking is a great habit to build prior to the teen years. Don’t be confused–it isn’t empty or toxic positivity. There are indeed significant challenges ahead. And yet our society is focused on the “now” more than ever. This “now focus” can amplify any current challenge. I encourage our community to consider the strategy of speaking positively about the future with children. Try this one: “What problems do you want to solve when you grow up?”  All around our K-5 schools are future leaders who will one day be the problem solvers we’ve needed! I am excited to be a part of their journey. In that same spirit, keep an eye out for our student council messages this winter/spring. Go Raccoons!  -Mr. I