Technology Support

Dear Parents,

Below are some technology resources for you and your child.  As more resources become available, I will post them here.  Tech Tip: Ctrl + F opens a search box to find information quickly on a document or webpage.

Please reach out to me first as I can solve most tech issues or find someone with an answer faster than a classroom teacher.  Do let your classroom teacher know if the tech issue is preventing your child from completing their work.   

Mrs. McDowell


Tools for Students


 Most problems can be resolved by the following steps.

Clear browser history and cookies.
Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Choose drop down arrow and select “all time”
On the bottom right, click the blue “Clear Data” button

Remove unauthorized extensions.
- uppere right corner, click on the 3 dot menu (looks like a stop light)
- Go to "More Tools"
- click on "Extensions"
- remove any extensions that have to do with background images, screen savers, or cursers

Final step
Shut the device down completely.
- Turn it back on and log back in.

 Zoom/Internet Connection Issues    

Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Seesaw( login page)

K-2 Google Login

Bitmoji Library 

Book checkout and more!

Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom

Parent Guide to Seesaw

Accessing Zoom (Students)

Red Rocks Library Internet Sites 

Grade level and Subject related links

Broken Devices: Contact the school. Mrs. McDowell will  collect broken devices and provide a loaner to the student. 

Using Gmail & Chat

Homework Help

JCPL databases for research

*You will need a library card number.   Email Mrs. McDowell if you need one.

Passwords: The family support line cannot provide usernames or reset passwords for students/families. Contact Mrs. McDowell

Typing Club (login page)

Program for grades 2-5

Google Login

BookFlix & Tumblebooks

fiction/nonfiction for K-3

*Facebook Group

Step 1: This technology support flow chart to navigate will help you know where to go for support for different types of technical problems. 

Step 2: Consult the student technical support documents

Step 3: Call the Remote Learning Support Line 303-982-3438

Digital Learning Tools: The family support line can only assist with digital learning tools on this list of supported apps. Contact Mrs. McDowell about apps not on this list.

Book Creator (login page)

Make your own ebook/audiobook

Google Login



Internet Options

Free Internet from Comcast

Low-Cost Internet Access Options (Xfinity)


Create videos

Google Login

How to record your screen using WeVideo

Coding activities, filter by age level and device type

Jeffco Tech Tools for Parents


Create .wav sound files

Google Login

Digital Resource Calendar

Digital Experience Calendar  for kids (big and small!) with activities, read alouds, virtual field trips and more!

Other Digital Tools for Students

(info and tutorials)