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Principal Isaac joined Red Rocks in the summer of 2016 and has served as an administrator and teacher for over 20 years. Mr. Isaac taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades in Denver and in England. He served as principal or assistant principal in Douglas County, Denver, and Jeffco. He enjoys hiking in winter and summer, gardening, and occasional guitar playing. Mr. Isaac writes a monthly column for our family newsletter, and the latest edition appears below. 

For new families: check out our "Family Resources" menu for the Afternoon Pick-Up procedures/Parking Lot Map

"Family Homework" Red Rocks Staff are committed to bringing "growth mindset" work to our kids. See Parts 1 and 2

Part 1: Embrace the "Power of Yet" with your kids. This 10 minute video can change your child's life for the better: Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing You Can Improve

Part 2: Praise your Kids the right way. An excellent resource: Science Says Praise Them Like This (Most Parents do the Opposite)

Red Rocks Reflections, November 2018:

Dear Red Rocks Community:

As the first trimester comes to a close next week, teachers are hard at work to ensure that all kids are making strides. We’ve added new instructional systems this year and our teachers have committed to digging deeper into their practices to reach all kids. You can expect progress reports to come home on the 16th.

It may be a surprise that November kicks off the season of planning for the 2019-20 school year.  School decisions are informed by our School Accountability Committee, and we welcome your participation. We’ve added two night time meetings this year. On November 13 SAC will meet at 7PM, just after the 6PM PTA meeting.

Red Rocks has a tradition of honoring veterans in our community. On Monday, November 12, a special ceremony will be held for all students at 9:30AM. Any active duty, active reservist, or retired member of the military are welcome to attend. Our community values connecting kids to those who serve and have served.

Speaking of traditions for all Red Rocks students, we are excited about getting our kids to Washington DC annually. We can’t do it without strong family support. We see the powerful impact on young thinkers as they engage with the ideals of America up close and personal. Our teachers do a fantastic job of setting the stage for this life-changing trip. Our trip preparation ramps up in January, and we hope we can get all 5th grade students to attend this year, and we hope Kinder-4th grade students think about how they can include this trip in future plans.  

Our teachers recently discussed how everyday we all drive by a rock that says “United for Children,” and they renewed their shared commitment to come together as adults for every kid in our school. As a principal I find inspiration in the dedication of our staff in the midst of current events. Truly, our team is “united for children,” and we invite our parents to continue in the same vein.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we are truly thankful for our kids and families. Thank you for your continued partnership in bringing the best to our kids each day.

Go Raccoons!  --Mr. Isaac