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Principal Isaac has served as an administrator and teacher for over 20 years. He has served as a principal and assistant principal in Douglas County, Denver, and Jeffco and was a teacher for 4th, 5th and 6th grade classrooms in Colorado and England. He enjoys hiking in both winter and summer, gardening, and occasionally running a school cartoon club. Mr. Isaac writes a monthly column for our family newsletter, and the latest edition appears at the bottom of the page. 

Principal Reading Highlights and Prize Opportunity! 

For kids: Front Desk by Kelly Yang. This is a powerful story about Chinese immigrants and a kid who discovers the power of writing. Amazing! When you are done with this book, check out the latest  Newbery Medal and Honor Books. Quiz: what does "You are not a bike!" mean?

Front Desk

For Adults: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown contains transformative simplicity. Bonus Reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear.  

Essentialism Book Cover

Red Rocks Reflections August 2019

Dear Red Rocks Community:

With two of my teenagers getting their driver’s license and purchasing cars this summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about “shifting gears!” Here at Red Rocks we are gearing up for another wonderful year and have some updates to share! 


Celebrating our terrific staff:   

  • Our K-5 team did a “line-up” shuffle that we shared in the spring. We are thrilled to welcome back such a strong group of educators and powerful new grade level teams. 

  • Please join me in welcoming  Owen Constransitch (aka “Mr. C”) to our mental health team. Mr. C serves as the Bear Creek area Social Emotional Learning Counselor and Coach for other “SEL” staff, and we are thrilled that he will join us for 2½ days a week. Angela Restrepo continues as our school psychologist. and will be at Red Rocks 3 days a week. We will have mental health support at our school every day of the week--thanks to the voters of Jeffco!  Mrs. Restrepo will serve our IEP students and Mr. C will be present at lunch and recess and support overall social-emotional learning for students and staff alike.

  • Speaking of support: thanks to our fantastic PTA support, we will continue to have funding for a full staff of paraprofessionals to serve our classrooms, lunch and playground.

  • Saying goodbye: I’ve ordered a case of tissues for the principal office as we say goodbye to two outstanding staff members. Both Kathleen Hanvey and Emma Dimmitt are moving on to other opportunities this year.  Outstanding staff like these two leave a legacy of service that is hard to match. Please join me in giving them our deep thanks. 

Summer Highlights: 

  • The garden is thriving! Hummingbirds are loving the special love and care evident from the work of volunteer Karen Fergason. 

  • Construction upgrades included new cameras, security, and fire panel, as well as upgrading the “road” to the back baseball diamond that we use for alternate parking.

  • Our amazing parent leaders and volunteers have given their time and effort this summer to kick off the year -- what a great group of parents we have! Please take time to meet our PTA and Accountability parent leaders at our Ice Cream Social and Meet & Greet on Monday, August 12th from 3:00 - 6:00pm.  This is a great time to meet your student’s teacher, see the classroom, and drop off school supplies. 


Safety Updates:  

  • Caution! At the time of writing our parking lot has yet to be painted, and an erroneous handicap parking spot has become visible-- it is confusing! We hope to cover over this spot that blocks traffic, so please talk to family members who come to pick up students and may not be as familiar with our lot. We hope to see Jeffco paint crews out here soon! 

  • Like previous years, “family dismissal dashboard signs” are required for pick-up and will be available at the Ice Cream Social on Monday August 12. We ask all families to ensure that relatives who aren’t normal participants at our school are informed of pick up procedures. We need everyone to help us keep drop-off and pick-up safe and efficient. 

  • Reminder that the Solar “Farm” is nearing completion. The private owner has invited our teachers and students to visit and learn about the technology after installation is complete. The solar panels are not a part of Jeffco Schools, but workers have legal access across school property. The owner is committed to being a good neighbor and we hope the children can learn about this alternate form of energy. 


Closing thoughts:  This summer I was challenged to consider my “100 year vision.” What did my grandparents or great-grandparents do that matters to me? How might I think deeply about my 100-year-outlook for kids? Wow! This brought such focus and passion to the new school year!  It is a privilege to serve Red Rocks as principal. I am reminded of people like Mr. Ken who greet students each morning. He and I were reflecting just today on the excitement we feel to ensure each and every person at Red Rocks receives a joyous welcome! It is certainly a great time to be a Red Rocks Raccoon!  



Greg Isaac, Principal